Funeral Testimonials.

Commendations from Bereaved Families and Friends.

"Jane was asked to officiate at a funeral for a member of our family, because the mourners had a wide variety of religious beliefs. It felt important to us that we acknowledge and respect their needs.

Without exception, all the mourners who attended the funeral service felt their feelings and needs had been validated with great sensitivity by Jane, who conducted the service calmly and with great integrity.

 Also present at the funeral service were representatives of the Royal Navy, who have the task of acknowledging the ex- servicemen and women. Unfortunately, this can mean attendance at many funerals. Six months later we met with them for a memorial service and they complimented Jane on her presentation, stating it was the most meaningful service they had ever attended.

 Jane spent a lot of time talking with members of our family to discuss our needs in an empathic and sensitive way which made the ordeal much easier for us all.

 In summary Jane dealt with a complex emotional time for us in a way which greatly impressed us and helped us to come to terms with our loss in the long term."

~ Jean and Russel Nash, Feb 2006


"I recently had to attend the funeral of two close friends. Jane officiated at both services as an Interfaith Minister. One was held at Worcester Crematorium and one at Westland Burial Park. The service at Westland was a very different experience, it was held out of doors in open meadow. On that particular day it was cold and windy, Jane remained serene and calm and totally in control. Even the lantern stayed alight in high wind.

I was rather shy of reading my words to the deceased friend aloud, but Jane reassured me that she would be happy to read in my place. She read them beautifully for me.

If I was to describe Jane, I would say she is one of the most caring loving people I know. Her delivery of the services on both occasions was deeply caring and loving. Her deep compassion for the grief of the deceased's relatives and friends was wonderful. Jane is a good listener and provides great dedication to the service she gives." ~ Val de Heer, 26.06.08


"For anyone requiring help, but reluctant to get in touch with a stranger, there is an answer to your prayer. She is an Interfaith Minister, and her name is Jane Coulthard. You will find immediate kindly response to your doubts and fears, and soon feel totally at ease in discussing your every need, that led you to seeking help and guidance at the outset. Jane Coulthard expresses sincerity and kindness, and a natural feeling of response to the help that you sought and required. In a practical way, her experience and understanding produce a wealth of spiritual quality to prayer and ceremony, to meet all personal needs." ~ Graham Byford.

Woodland/Green Burial for Mrs. Byford