Identifying Your Marriage Vision


Creating Personal Wedding Vows

The purpose of the questions below are to help name the intentions of the marriage and name exactly what you are committing to, this process supports you to enter into your marriage consciously. Many marriages fail because they are entered into unconsciously.

I will ask you to reflect on the questions individually and then come together to discuss your responses. Sometimes we think we know how the other may respond and the longer we have known one another the more we think we can predict accurately. Try to stay open and neutral here and allow yourselves to see each other from a fresh perspective. You may find areas of gratitude and appreciation that may not have surfaced without the separate time to reflect and then discuss.

The answers will also assist immensely in making your ceremony unique & authentic, to personally represent you, and honour & celebrate your Love. As you write about how you love each other you are creating a precious document.

If you wish to have your own unique vows, your answers will create the basis for your personal vows. The process of creating personal vows to reflect the unique vision you have for your life together, is a very important and immensely strengthening process for a relationship. The vows form the spiritual platform for how you intend to be with each other, within your marriage.

What attracted you to each other when you first met?

 How did your relationship develop and strengthen into what it is today?

 What   is the most important aspect of the relationship to each of you?

 What is it that you really love and appreciate about   the other?

 What do you see as the highest purpose of your relationship? 

 What is your intention in being together?

 Where do you feel really strong together as a couple?

 Where would you like to become stronger? How?

 Are their any unspoken conditions for being together? (fidelity? honesty? Etc.)

 How do you envisage your marriage?


 "When the one man loves the one woman and the one woman loves the one man, the very angels desert heaven to sit in their house and sing for joy."