Your Wedding Ceremony - Your Way





"You know quite well, deep within you, that there is only a single power, a single magic, a single salvation, and that is called Loving." ~Herman Hesse

    Getting Married, Blessing a Union, Re-Committal Ceremony.

Your Own, Unique, Tailor-Made Wedding Ceremony.

Your Wedding Ceremony Authentically Representing You, Whatever Your Beliefs.

Create Your Own Vows to Reflect & Support Your Vision of Your Life Together.

Have Your Ceremony Wherever You Choose.

I will co-ordinate and lead your service for you. Helping you to create A Beautiful Ceremony to Honour Your Love.


 For more information telephone, 07901 862026.

Creating your wedding ceremony will be a wonderful adventure of exploration for you, as you find out what will truly support you, as you are making this lifetime commitment. With my guidance, you will explore how you would like your ceremony to be. You will decide on all the content, and the duration of your marriage ceremony. You will find out, whether you wish to light candles, and include other rituals, if you will have readings, poems, prayers, songs, music, blessings, cultural traditions, etc.



You choose what message you wish to convey to your guests. How do you envisage the tone; intimate, ceremonial, minimal, sacred, warm, solemn, relaxed, light-hearted, fun, etc. Do you wish to include, honour, or mention anyone, a family member or special person, living or deceased? Do you wish to ask for a vow of support from your family & friends? Will you write your own vows, or use set vows from your chosen religion, or from examples. You will search your souls to identify, Your Marriage Vision, through reflecting on questions, (see The Marriage Vision, page), your answers help you to name the intentions of your marriage and exactly what you are committing to, supporting you to enter into your marriage consciously, many marriages fail to endure because they are entered into unconsciously.


Interfaith Ministers are non-denominational ministers, who are trained to serve the spiritual needs of people from all faiths and none. We are not instead of, but in addition to traditional religious ministers. We are not creating a new religion & there is no dogma or fixed ministerial role for Interfaith Ministers. As trained and ordained ministers and counsellors we can be of service to;

Those embarking on an inter-religious marriage.

Those whose faith may not be encompassed by one teaching.

Those who have a feeling of spirituality but not necessarily religion.

Those of the same gender.

Although we are called Interfaith, ceremonies do not have to be about a Faith, or be at all religious, some people prefer not to have anything spiritual mentioned and may use 'Love', we commit to serve those of all Faiths & Spiritualities & none. Interfaith Ministers work with you to create a moving, nourishing and personally meaningful, authentic occasion.


Please do not hesitate to contact me, Tel. 07901 862026 with any questions or to get together for a no obligation meeting.

Price from £400

Prices are given as a guideline. As requirements differ for each individual ceremony prices are discussed personally with you.

Concessions are available for those financially challenged.

Tailor made Wedding Ceremonies to authentically reflect your unique commitment, and honour and celebrate your love, totally representing you, whatever your beliefs with personally created or chosen, vows to represent & support your vision of your life together.

Your Wedding Ceremony, Your Way.

 'From every human being there rises a light that reaches straight to heaven. And when two souls are destined to be together and find each other, their streams of light flow together, and a single brighter light goes forth from their united being.'