Spiritual Counselling, Companionship and Healing.

"My effort should never be to undermine another's faith, but to make him a better follower of his own faith." ~ Mahatma Ghandi

As a trained and ordained minister and counsellor I can be of service to, those seeking spirituality but not necessarily religion, those whose spiritual belief cannot be encompassed entirely by one faith, those struggling with issues their faith may not encompass, for example; inter-religious marriage, and divorce.

Spiritual Companionship is supportive of those seeking to awaken, in their own unique and personal experience of the divine.

I do not aim to convert anyone away from their faith, but support people in enquiring more deeply into both their spiritual tradition and their own soul for clarity. Whatever our beliefs, spiritual counselling helps us to, re-connect with our inner strength, wisdom, authentic spirituality, and our inherent wholeness. In a safe space of complete Loving acceptance, I assist you to gain clarity and peace, and gather the inner resources you need to take the next step forward in your life. Putting grace before psychology, I see myself as an instrument of grace, but not the source of the grace, and assist you in transforming obstacles to live a more joyous life, remembering that in all circumstances, who we are never needs to change, only the way we perceive, think of and feel about ourselves and others. Seeking attunement with spirit is, I feel, the highest goal of life.

Conscious spiritual living awakens our highest human potential, helping each individual grow to realize our highest Self, assisting us to manifest the universal virtues of love, kindness, wisdom and compassion.

In addition to traditional counselling, silence, prayer, meditation, and healing, may all form part of spiritual counselling, if appropriate to your needs and beliefs.

Sessions of an hour and a half are charged at £35.

For more information telephone, 07901 862026.


One of the most important purposes of spirituality is healing, the seeking of wholeness in body, mind and spirit. Healing comes from making contact with the essential spiritual wholeness that forms the core of our being. The focus of a healing ceremony is on opening to Union, forgiveness and peace by letting go of past judgements, unhelpful defences and the need to be separate.

Healing ceremonies may be individual or involve a couple, family or whole community.